Kavalaris Chris

Laboratory Teaching Staff

Nationality: Greek, Born in Karditsa


  • Diploma in Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, University of Thessaloniki.
  • PhD in Agricultural Engineering, Department of Agriculture, University of Thessaly

E-mail: chkaval@uth.gr



Dr. Chris Cavalaris was born in 8/7/69 in Karditsa, Greece. In 1994 he graduated from the Department of Crop & Animal Production of University of Thessaly. He worked on National Institute of Tobaco for 6 months and in the Agricultural department of the prefecture of Magnesia for two years before continuing his post-graduate studies in the University of Thessaly. In 2004 he took a PhD specified in soil tillage and agricultural mechanization. He is an employer/researcher in the University of Thessaly and he works on soil tillage, biomass and biofuels and energy crops. He also teaches farm machinery in students of the Department of Biosystems Engineering of the TEI of Larisa. He has 13 publications in International Journals and Conferences and 22 in Greek. He is a member of the EurAgEng.