Instruments & Agricultural machines

Monosem NX2 no till planter


The ΝΧ metering unit is the result ofthe know-how and experience of MONOSEM in the field ofdepth control with discs in Europe since 7989 with the NG Plus. The ΝΧ 2 version has a new parallelogram with rapid pressure adjustment and the option. When working, the two down pressure springs press the unit down on the ground and the shock absorber minimizes row unit bounce in the same manner as shock absorbers on a car. This planter is designed for demanding farmers and contractors looking for a versatile precision planter capable of working in difficult and /ow-ti/1 conditions with high qua/ity planting. So if you are looking for a heavy-duty, reliab/e and precise planter, choose the ΝΧ 2.


ImageEM38 provides measurement of ground conductivity (quad-phase) and magnetic susceptibility (in-phase) within two effective depth ranges: 1.5 m in the vertical dipole mode (shown above); and 0.75 m in the horizontal dipole mode.


Tensile testing equipment

ImageThe instrument can apply compaction or elongation forces on various equipment and produces appropriate curves trough relative computer software

Soil triangle stress test equipment

ImageThe instrument is used to estimate the strength of soil using cylindrical soil samples.

Instrumentation for measuring physical properties of the soil

ImageSieves, Equipment for estimation of soil plastic limits and shear stress vanes.


Image  Active sensor for plant health detection.

Bush soil penetrometer (SP 1000)

ImageThe instrument reads soil penetration resistance at a depth of 50 cm with 1 cm intervals.

Electric screw press for oil extraction


 Image Electric screw press for oil extraction from seeds with cold pressing.


Experimental combine harvester (Hege 125)

ImageA wheat harvesting head or a corn picker can be attached on the front. It harvests on a width of 1.5 m.

Froment XT200

ImageTractor testing equipment (Froment XT200).