Visiting Professors

Benjamin Simon Blackmore


Position: Visiting Professor

Nationality: British, 1954

Specifications: Developing more intelligent machines, Precision Farming and agricultural robotics

    • I am currently holding a visiting professor position at King Saud University 2010
    • Accepted as Ying Ding guest professor of South China Agricultural University 2009
    • Consultant to the Intelligent Systems and Robotics Laboratory, UPM Malaysia 2008
    • Visiting Professor of Bristol Robotics Laboratory 2007
    • Visiting Professor of the University of Thessaly 2006
    • Accepted as a World Class Scholar, PR China 2003
    • Doctor of Philosophy 2003
    • Visiting Professor of China Agricultural University 2002
    • Fellow of the Institution of Agricultural Engineers 2001
    • Member of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers 2000
    • Head of AgroTechnology at KVL 2000-2005
    • Research Professor at the Royal Veterinary and Ag University (KVL) 2000-2005
    • Visiting Professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology 1998
    • Chartered Engineer 1992, European Engineer 1993
    • BSc (Hons) Agricultural Engineering 1985
    • National Certificate in Agriculture 1970