Energy crops experiments

Extended experimenImagets testing different varieties, and cultivation techniques for three energy crops (sunflower, rape seed and sweet sorghum) were carried for two years (2006-2008) in various fields on the region of Thessaly, Central Greece.


Long term soil tillage experiment

ImageThe experiment started in 1997 in two farms of 0.6 ha each in the University Farm of Velestino it is continued for more than 14 years. It tests the effect of five methods of tillage (one conventional tillage, three reduced tillage and one no-tillage) on soil properties and responces of various crops (Barley, wheat, corn, cotton, sugar beet, rape seed, sunflower, soya, sorghum). Measurements of energy consumption are also made and energy balances for each method are calculated.

Strip tillage

ImageImageA long term experiment (2003 – today) established on a 0.2 acre field in the University Farm of Velestino to test the performance of a strip tillage machine designed and constructed on our lab on various crops (cotton, corn, sunflower)